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Z - Ro & Trae - Payback Lyrics

Z-Ro & Trae - Within Myself Lyrics

Z-Ro & Trae - Within Myself Lyrics

I really appreciate, my friends
For being bitch ass niggaz, made me appreciate the nigga within myesef
Ain't no love, I won't pretend it's felt
I know you niggaz wanna spend my wealth, (but I ain't fucking wit ya)
I really appreciate, my friends
For being bitch ass niggaz, made me appreciate the nigga within myself
So don't run up, cause I'll defend myself
I'm trying to live not to be seeing my death, (so I ain't fucking with ya)

Friends, just ain't friends no mo'
So all that one hundred my nigga, can C-Walk up out the do'
It's so cold, the way the partnas do a partna when he broke
Show no love, therefor my love ain't in the hood no mo'

Like we ain't peep the shit, for what it is
Why the fuck they riding with us, now we ain't come up as kids
I see right through em, so I'm quick to get my mug on
And when they try me, I'll be quick to get my slug on

Remember we use to live in the drug zone, Ridgevan
Nigga respect my residence, or get one in your wig man
Z-Ro the Crooked done learned his lesson, depending on his people they no-shows
Won't even help a nigga change a flat tire, unless I got some 4's

So ain't no being friendly fuck friendly, better get they ass away
And everytime I hit the block, I'm out of my trunk with the AK
Telling niggaz back away, before they put me in my mood
Dude it'll be best to not know me, I ain't the one to use

Bitch niggaz I use to call my dogs, and even aces
Can't escape me cause I'm everywhere, I see the worry in they faces
Mad cause a nigga making it, can't crush a nigga pride
Cause I'm an instrument to this rap game, like brail letters to the blind

I appreciate these bitch niggaz, for showing me the way
The mob patrol up in this bitch, and all the roaches getting sprayed
Shit be crazy, they only roll the way they quick to hit the show
But when you broke and out of your do', they out the do' ready to go

Long as they don't come back no mo', it's all gravy
Cause I've been falling out, with so many mo'fuckers lately
Remember when, my records didn't spin and I ain't had no ends
Y'all niggaz ain't fuck with me, I'm one deep till the world end

And I swear to God, it's still fuck them niggaz
If I wasn't worked up seven figgas, they wouldn't fuck around with this nigga
They wouldn't be by my side, they wouldn't be screaming Trae
They wouldn't be in my mix, that's why I keep they ass away


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